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Cloud Based Email Filtering

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Cloud Based Email Filtering

Stop spam, viruses, malware and other advanced threats with cloud based email filtering

Cloud based email filtering | MailSafi

The Cost and Risk of Unfiltered Email

The cost of unfiltered email is typically measured in lost productivity. Researchers have established that it takes an average employee four seconds to identify and delete a spam email. With the amount of spam email received daily, organizations stand to lose several days a year dealing with spam.

Further, the risks of spam emails can be much worse when one considers successful phishing campaigns, spoofed emails, and other email-based threats such as viruses and malware which can cost organizations millions of dollars. Even data breaches and malware infections in a small business can cause significant financial losses. In comparison, the cost of investing in a cloud-based email filtering solution is very minimal when compared to the risk.

How Cloud Based Email Filtering Works

Cloud based email filtering often uses multi-layered security mechanisms to inspect every inbound email against lists of spammers and other malicious IP addresses. The security mechanisms also check for emails that violate sender policy frameworks (SPFs), DMARC, DKIM, BIMI, to detect phishing and spoofed emails. Antivirus protection is also in place to detect malware, spyware, ransomware, and malicious code. Advanced spam filters also include sandboxing to identify unknown malware threats and prevent zero-day or zero-hour attacks.

Any emails that are rejected by the email spam filter as well as those identified by antivirus and antimalware as containing infected attachments or links to websites known to contain malware are quarantined.

The cloud based email spam filters also check outbound emails for spam, viruses and malware to prevent the organization’s IP addresses from being blacklisted which can cause reputation damage and cause your emails to bounce.

The key differentiator between cloud-based email filtering and a virtual or physical filtering device is the way the filtering mechanisms operate in the cloud. To access the service, organizations simply have to make a small change to their DNS mail exchanger (MX) records so as to redirect inbound and outbound emails through the email security service provider´s data center.

How Cloud Based Email Filtering Works. Mailsafi Cloud Based Email Filtering

Stop Spam, Viruses And Malware With Cloud-Based Email Filtering

With the steady stream of spam email showing no signs of abating, organizations can mitigate the risks with a cloud-based email filtering solution.

Cloud-based email spam filtering is one of the easiest and most suitable ways of dealing with unwanted and unsafe emails. Like most cloud-based solutions, an email filtering solution hosted in the cloud will not require any additional hardware or software on your business premises to run. This means, there is no capital expense and it is also automatically updated without need for your intervention.

Cloud-based email filtering is a convenient and effective way of mitigating the cost and risks of unsafe/unwanted email, with minimal capital expense or maintenance requirements.

Spam lowers employee productivity, wastes network resources and lowers performance of email servers. Email spam can also cause more serious damage, with some messages containing malicious URLs or attachments that may introduce viruses, malware and spyware to entire corporate networks. Others contain ransomware or are emails masquerading as a legitimate entity while they are in fact not.

A cloud-based email filtering or spam filtering service provides an easy-to-scale solution for protecting organizations against the costs and potential risk of spam attacks.

For organizations seeking a cloud-based email filtering services, MailSafi provides a leading cloud-based email filtering service that helps to secure email for small, medium-size and large corporates alike.

Stop Spam, Viruses And Malware With Cloud-Based Email Filtering

Cloud-Based Email Filtering From MailSafi

MailSafi's cloud-based email filtering platform enables organizations to defend against email threats such as spam, viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing, spear-phishing, CEO fraud, business email compromise, and so on.

MailSafi’s hosted spam filtering service uses advanced, multi-layered engines to detect and block email threats before they reach your network. MailSafi’s threat intelligence is continuously updated to protect against zero-hour or zero-day attacks. Administrators get access to a spam interface to see quarantined messages and release, or review logs for any mail.

Benefits of MailSafi’s Cloud-Based Email Filtering

With MailSafi's cloud-based email filtering technology, you can:

• Have access to a spam quarantine database to review and release any false positives

• Administrators can whitelist/blacklist senders and URLs.

• Protect your organization from 99.9% of malware and viruses that arrive via email.

• Add any additional rules to blocked and permitted senders.

• Rest assured that all your inbound and outbound emals are scanned to detect and block malicious attachments before they end up in users’ mailboxes.

• Deploy domain validation and email authentication mechanisms – SPF, DKIM and DMARC to reduce changes that spoofed emails will find their way to users’ mailboxes.

• Minimize the chances that users will miss out on genuine emails in the midst of so many spam email messages in their mailboxes.

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Learn more about cloud-based email filtering from MailSafi, and about MailSafi solutions for cloud email hosting and team collaboration and email archiving. MailSafi’s cloud email hosting comes with our full suite of MailSafi email security. Therefore, if you sign up for MailSafi email hosting, we will filter your emails for you as well.

MailSafi Email Security For Free – No Strings Attached

Would you like to protect your business from email phishing, email spam, viruses, malware, ransomware and zero-day threats? We invite you to try a fully-enabled version of MailSafi Cloud Based Email Security in your business environment for free for a period of 30 days. You will have access to our customer support as necessary and will have no obligation to continue with the service at the end of your trial period.

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Our sales team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about cloud based email filtering and will guide you through the process of implementing MailSafi Email Security so that your organization can eliminate unwanted emails and enhance its online security.

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