Communicate | Collaborate | Secure Data

Communicate | Collaborate | Secure Data

Businesses need email to run. It’s the number one communication channel between team members, clients, suppliers, partners and vendors. In the past decade, collaboration tools have also grown to play a significant role in enhancing communication and improving productivity in businesses. To keep the business running, you need a reliable, secure and cost-effective email and collaboration solution.

Email hosting service for business

Fully managed email hosting service that businesses can depend on - whether seeking a reliable and secure cloud hosted email service with 50GB storage per user, guaranteed uptime, calendar, spam protection and 24/7 support or you need to edit, co-author, share, store, collaborate (on files/documents or video/chat).

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Email Security

Cloud-hosted anti-spam and email filtering service that provides advanced protection for business email communication. Superior spam filtering that blocks 99% spam, viruses, malware, spoofing and phishing attacks and integrates with all email platforms including shared hosting Cpanel, on-premise mail severs (Zimbra, Exchange, MDaemon, etc.) and Office 365.

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Email Archiving

Cloud-based email archiving built for small to large businesses. Ensures all email communication (sent and received) is automatically backed up in a secure platform for future legal or business reference. Compatible with any email platform including shared hosting Cpanel, on-premise (Zimbra, Exchange, MDaemon, etc.) and Microsoft Office 365.

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Cyber Security Awareness Training

Cyber security tools alone cannot 100% protect against security breaches. Over 85% of company/user security breaches start with human error. Security awareness training is an essential ingredient in minimizing the role of human error in security breaches. As experienced secure email provider, we have a lot to offer.

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Domain & Website

Need a new custom domain for your business/personal use? already own a domain and want to transfer it to MailSafi? Want to host a website/application? We can help!

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