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Custom domain email hosting or domain registration for email and website hosting

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Sign up for a minimum of 3 domain email accounts for your business from $2 Monthly AND GET

Free website hosting if you already have an custom email domain OR

Free custom domain registration and Free website hosting if you don’t already have your own domain.

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Regardless of industry, for clients and other businesses to take you seriously, nearly every business (whether a small one-man-business or a large enterprise) will need a minimum of 3 domain email accounts e.g., owner/founder@yourdomain, info@yourdomain, sales/accounts@yourdomain.

Shared web hosting or even the free “unlimited everything” services might not serve a professional growing business with a reliable, secure, spam-free business email hosting service. Hosting your website or registering/having a private email domain is not the problem. The problem is having a reliable and secure email hosting service to enable both you and your customers to communicate. Losing an email or not being able to use your email for a few minutes can cost your business the next client/business.

Don’t have a custom domain?

Sign up now for our reliable and secure email hosting and collaboration service and get free web hosting and domain registration & domain hosting.

Already have a custom email domain being hosted somewhere?

Migrate your email to our reliable and secure email hosting and collaboration service, and you don’t have to pay for website and email domain hosting.

Just started a new business or running one?

Make the right decision for your email communication by signing up for our reliable and secure cloud email hosting service and get a free domain and have your website up and running in no time.

With our business email hosting services, you get a minimum of 10 GB space for each mailbox address.


Mailboxes filled with junk, spam, virus and malware

Getting blacklisted by your customers and your emails not getting through to them

Bouncing email because your mailbox is full

The struggle to access your email on multiple devices

Loosing critical email because you had to delete some to free up space in the server

Time wasted in deleting spam and junk email from your mailboxes

Your mail server being unreachable for hours or even days

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