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Collaborate From Anywhere Using MailSafi Collaboration

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Collaborate From Anywhere Using MailSafi Collaboration

MailSafi Collaboration unlocks the modern ways of working by offering tools that will simplify your workplace collaboration and help to improve productivity.

MailSafi Collaboration makes it easy for your teams to work together intelligently across integrated smart documents from anywhere in the world and co-author, inline comment, version history, chat, audio and video calls, conference calls and much more.

Whether you’re working from home or if there’s an emergency while you’re away, you can have the peace of mind that you’ve got the tools to help you adapt from wherever you are. Whether you’re using a laptop or your mobile device, you can easily attend meetings online, share documents, co-author in real time, chat and be productive from anywhere. MailSafi’s collaboration solution is available in MailSafi Enterprise.

Digital Collaboration in the Workplace for Better Productivity

The amount of electronic content created every year in organizations is growing exponentially. This means that the requirement for collaboration on electronic content is also growing. It is important to give your users the right tool for the right job. It is proven that the right collaboration tool will improve end user efficiency and productivity.

Quite often, there are many scenarios that require some level of collaboration with coworkers, partners, suppliers or customers.
For example;

Having meetings with coworkers who are working remotely or working from home

Planning and organizing an event with coworkers and partners

Reviewing a company website before it goes live

Brainstorming to develop a new company product

Preparing a draft document and getting feedback from other coworkers or getting approval for work from a manager

Having a meeting with customers with customers in a different geographical location

If they don’t use the right collaboration tools, or don’t use it appropriately, time is wasted while collaboration becomes slow, complicated or ineffective.

Features and Benefits of MailSafi Collaboration

You can create, edit and co-author text documents, professional spreadsheets, and stunning presentations. If you’re familiar with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, MailSafi Collaboration tools will feel familiar to you. They have a top bar filled with all of the editing and formatting buttons that you’re familiar with.

MailSafi Collaboration is compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint; popular file formats: docx, xlsx, pptx, odt, ods, odp, doc, xls, ppt, pdf, txt, rtf, html, epub, csv. Fully compatible with OOXML formats making it a more versatile offering.

One of the best things about having your documents on the cloud is that you can access your files on any device. You don’t have to panic if your laptop crashes or is stolen!

Users have the ability to organize their files by teams, projects, file types, and authors which makes it easy to access the files quickly. You can create folders to organize all your documents more effectively. You can even create team groups and share files privately. MailSafi Collaboration comes with 30 GB per user of cloud storage space on MailSafi Enterprise plan. You can always ask for more storage space if you need it (available at an extra cost).

File sharing: you create a document, it’s easy to share it with others via a shareable link.

Co-editing or co-authoring: Mailsafi Collaboration provides features that allow teams to edit simultaneously and forget about the to-and-fro email chains. You can work on a document with your teammates simultaneously over the cloud, give them access to edit or make it as a ‘view only’ doc, and leave comments in real-time.

You can compare and merge two documents by using the document Compare feature. It allows you to display the differences between two documents and merge the documents by accepting the changes one by one or all at once. You can also choose to reject the changes so that the original document remains unchanged.

Instant messaging: MailSafi Collaboration platform comes with Talk, an instant messaging tool that allows users to chat in real-time.

MailSafi allows you to have video/audio calls and conferencing with other team members. This saves costs on telephone bills and the time and costs associated with planning face-to-face meetings.

Accessible anytime, anywhere with internet connectivity: MailSafi Collaboration is available on the cloud, therefore, you can access it via your desktop, laptop, or other smart devices - iOS, Android, Windows tablets and smart phones.

MailSafi Collaboration has an automated Activity Tracker. It is therefore possible to see what different users have been doing on the platform.

Scalability: MailSafi Collaboration can be scaled for teams of any size. Even if you have thousands of users!

Data Security & Control

MailSafi Collaboration runs on a private AWS cloud: no hand-off to other public clouds. JSON Web Token protects documents from unauthorized access.

Users can set permissions, password protect files, or even set an expiration timer after which everyone loses access to the file or document.

Create and Edit Text Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations

MailSafi Collaboration makes document creation, storage, editing, sharing, and collaboration a breeze.

Create new text documents or edit existing ones in Documents mailsafi create or edit document file

Create new presentations or edit existing ones in MailSafi presentations mailsafi create or edit presentation file

Create new spreadhseets or edit existing ones in Presentations mailsafi create or edit spreadsheet file

Work with Microsoft Office files

When you upload Microsoft Office files to MailSafi Cloud Storage Drive, you can directly edit, comment, and collaborate on Microsoft Office files using MailSafi Document text editor, Spreadsheet, and Presentation applications. All changes will be auto-saved to the file in its original Microsoft Office format

Open, edit, and save Microsoft Office files in MailSafi Collaboration

Convert Microsoft Office files to Mailsafi Documents, Spreadsheets, or Presentations

Comment on Microsoft Office files in MailSafi Cloud Storage Drive

Download or Save as PDF

Collaborative Document Editing

MailSafi Collaboration tools allow you to collaborate in real-time with your team. You can create and edit your own documents or invite teammates to join you and work together. Collaborators can write together, add content to their documents simultaneously, and add inline comments and much more.

The sharing and co-editing mode is available under the Collaboration menu item.

Share documents with selected users

Manage document access rights

Co-edit or co-author documents with other selected users. Work in documents simultaneously with teams and work together on projects, processes, collateral, daily work, etc. Enter documents simultaneously and work together on various sections of your document or even the same paragraph and line. mailsafi co-edit or co-author documents

View document version history: you can turn back time with version history. When you're collaborating with a team, it's possible that some changes were made to a document but you need to revert it back. Or you need to copy something from an earlier version and add it to your document. MailSafi Collaboration has an unlimited version history, allowing you to go back in time and revert to a previous version or find content that you needed to copy over.

View document version history: you can turn back time with version history. When you're collaborating with a team, it's possible that some changes were made to a document but you need to revert it back. Or you need to copy something from an earlier version and add it to your document. MailSafi Collaboration has an unlimited version history, allowing you to go back in time and revert to a previous version or find content that you needed to copy over.

Use chat feature to discuss files or other related office matters

Add comments anywhere inside your document: whether you're editing a document, have questions or want feedback on different parts of a document, highlight the text and add an inline comment. You can tag any collaborator and a notification will be sent to them. When they click the notification, they will arrive at that exact spot in the document. Inline comments is a smart way to collaborate and chat about work in a structured relevant way.

Request for comment or feedback on specific documents: MailSafi Collaboration tools allows you to work with teams of all sizes across various roles and departments. Work together not only through real-time editing, but also by tagging team members in comments and bringing teammates into conversations to get work done. Having a conversation on work that has context around it is a streamlined way to communicate versus drafting up an email or referencing a comment via chat.

The Document Editor allows you to select one of the two available co-editing modes:
Mailsafi document editor

Fast is used by default and shows the changes made by other users in real time.

Strict is selected to hide changes made by other users until you click the Save icon to save your own changes and accept the changes made by co-authors.

The mode can be selected in the Advanced Settings. It's also possible to choose the required mode using the Co-editing Mode icon on the Collaboration tab of the top toolbar: Mailsafi document co-editing

Collaborate From Anywhere Using MailSafi Collaboration

Video calls

Audio calls

Video or audio conferencing

Share your screen with others on the call

Chat in real-time during your video or audio calls.

Add participants to your calls

Mailsafi video and audio calls conferencing

Cloud Storage

Upload new files (photos, text documents, Word documents, spreadsheets, presentations to existing folders.

Organize files in new folders.

Mailsafi cloud storage

Apart from your text document, spreadsheets and presentations, you can also upload photos, music, movies, and other files to the MailSafi cloud storage and basically take your office wherever you go.

Organize photos and videos in albums

You can save photos, mark favorites, tag photos, and share.

Mailsafi cloud photo storage

Share Photos

Assign permissions when you share photos

Share file with others to discuss it

Mailsafi share photos

Activity Tracking

Track overall activity on the system by different users.

Track activities of files on the system

Track specific document changes

Mailsafi activity tracking Mailsafi track file activities

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