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15 Must-Have Features For Your Spam Filtering Service

Most popular email platforms have basic email filtering capabilities. However, these are often not enough to counter the ever-evolving and sophisticated cyberattacks. Unfortunately, with all the marketing gimmicks, no service…


What is Blacklisting?

Blacklisting happens for any number of reasons. Most typically, it occurs when an IP address is suspected of sending spam. Continual blacklisting affects your IP reputation because your IP address is identified as a regular source of spam. Blacklisting is a common challenge in email marketing. If you depend on email marketing, you have probably found your IP address or domain on a blacklist more than one.


Email Authentication: The Ultimate Anti-Phishing Solution

Email authentication is a technical solution that prevents forged and phish emails from reaching your mailbox. Authenticating sent and received emails is critical as it protects your organization's brand and reputation. Research shows that over 80% of employees in an organization cannot identify phishing emails. With provoking subject lines, forged email addresses and unsuspecting employees, organizations continue to lose millions of dollars due to phishing scams.

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The High Cost of Business Email Compromise (BEC)

Business email compromise is also commonly referred to as email account compromise. A business email account is said to be compromised when an unauthorized user gains access to said email and uses various tactics to impersonate the owner of the email account.