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Are You Confused About Marketing Strategies? Here is Why You Should Consider Bulk Email Hosting Services

Businesses choose various marketing approaches. However, each strategy works differently and requires different aspects to make it happen. Some are also more effective than others. If you are thinking about the best and most effective marketing strategies, consider email marketing. Sending bulk emails to audiences has proved to be a powerful way of reaching more […]

Avoid Making These Blunders When Migrating to a New Email Service Provider (ESP)

An established business with a developed email marketing program requires working with a reliable email service provider. Everyone has expectations that the provider may or may not meet. Other times, one may want to try out a new company or additional features the current provider does not offer. That is where migration comes in. You […]

13 Benefits of Email Hosting Solutions for Your Business

Undoubtedly, email stands as a crucial tool for both individuals and businesses. It has become a significant avenue for marketing and communication for many companies. While free email hosting solutions may suffice for small businesses, as a company grows, the limitations of free services become apparent, impacting credibility and operational efficiency. That raises the need […]

Choosing the Right Email Service Provider: 12 Factors to Consider

Emails have attained a place of prominence in enterprise communications and are aptly viewed as a lifeblood of most businesses. Most corporates cannot conduct their daily operations without using email communication. Irrespective of industry or size of business, email has become an inseparable part of internal as well as outward business processes. Choosing the right […]

Comparing MailSafi vs. Microsoft Office 365 vs. Google Workspace

Many businesses have migrated or are considering migrating from on-premise or shared hosting email services to either Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) or Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) – primarily due to challenges experienced with their email solutions, for instance, downtime, blacklisting, spam, etc. While Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 are some of the best […]
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