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Scam Alert

Scammer Extorts Site Owners Using Threats

Scam alert! Website owners are receiving emails threatening to ruin their reputation if they do not post a five-star review for a cryptocurrency exchange. Below is a sample of one such email.          

I need you to leave a 5 star review for us and also like us and share our posts on our social media channels.

I am giving you 48 hours. If I do not see a 5 star review from you and at least two likes and shares on our channels, I am going to send millions of porn backlinks to which will completely kill off your site. I have sent a few dozen spam links to your site already. You can have a look. I will remove those once I see reviews.

Ok this should have gotten your attention. Now here is what you need to do.

Give us five stars:

Follow us on and like our posts:

Thanks for your cooperation!


If this was meant as an attack on their brand, then it appeared to be working as intended, as other website owners who received this email had started to leave negative reviews on their Trustpilot page.

Should you be worried?

No, you shouldn’t and here’s why.

On their Trust Page, Coinmama regretted the incident and the attempt to damage their reputation. Coinmama said they are not responsible for these email messages. They urged anyone who received such messages to delete the emails and ignore the alleged threat.

They posted this main alert on their main page.


And to everyone who reported that they had received the threatening email, Coinmama posted the response below on their website.


One and a half years ago, a similar extortion scam targeting website owners was making the rounds. In that campaign, the scammers threatened to ruin a site’s reputation unless they paid $2,400 in bitcoin.

So be on the lookout and stay alert for this scam. Don’t panic should you receive such an email!

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