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MailSafi Secure Email Gateway for Protection against Advanced Threats

Secure your business email against known and unknown targeted phishing, ransomware, email spoofing, virus, malware and other sophisticated email threats

MailSafi’s Secure Email Gateway is a cloud-based solution that protects businesses and its users from ransomware, viruses, malware, junk email and spam attacks, zero-day attacks, phishing, spear-phishing and email spoofing attacks by combining multiple anti-spam software, anti-virus software, anti-phishing techniques and other engines to detect and block emails containing malicious content.

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MailSafi Secure Email Gateway

Email is the most commonly used business communication tool in the world today. This popularity however makes it an attractive target for cybercriminals to deploy their malicious attacks.

Merely having a highly reliable email solution (cloud-based, on-premise, or shared hosting) is not enough. Such traditional approaches to secure emails using a single-layered method focusing on anti-virus and anti-spam will leave your organization prone to email-borne threats. Spam attacks have continued to evolve and grow more sophisticated and more dangerous, which appear as phishing, spear-phishing and whaling attacks delivering malicious attachments and URLs. Others carry out impersonation of senior executives to trick employees into releasing funds to cybercriminals – BEC or CEO fraud attacks. And others can encrypt your data or take control of your system and lock you out, while the attackers demand a ransom – ransomware.

Secure, reliable, affordable email gateway

What is a Secure Email Gateway?

A secure email gateway is software provided by email gateway providers to prevent attacks from reaching their intended recipients by preventing the transmission of malicious emails that contain viruses, malware, phishing and other social engineering attacks, spam or other unwanted emails or malicious emails that could potentially cause harm. Secure email gateways offer protection for on-premise, shared hosting as well as cloud email environments.

Businesses use secure email gateway software to protect their systems from cybersecurity threats and to lessen opportunities for human error resulting from sophisticated social engineering attacks – spear-phishing, whaling, business executive compromise, CEO fraud and ransomware.

A secure email gateway will reroute inbound and outbound email through its agent, which will first perform a scan of the email to determine whether it contains threats. If so, it either blocks or quarantines the email. All this is done before any email is delivered to its intended recipient. Emails that are not flagged or detected as malicious are delivered onto the users’ inboxes.

A good secure email gateway uses dynamic threat intelligence in its email filtering technology to determine which emails are genuine and which ones are not. These feeds may include blacklists, known spammers, flagged keywords or other signs that an email contains material that is potentially harmful.

The MailSafi Secure Email Gateway Solution

MailSafi Secure Email Gateway Solution

MailSafi’s secure email gateway software goes beyond just providing
cloud-based anti-virus and anti-spam protection.
In addition to those email security solutions,

MailSafi provides:

Real-time scanning of all inbound emails to detect header anomalies, domain similarity, email spoofing, and malicious email body content.

Identify and report look-a-like domains to prevent attackers from exploiting trusted third-party relationships and well-known brands.

Junk email filters.

Protection against malicious URLs that would lead users to phishing or malware websites.

Protection against malicious attachments through application of multiple signature-based, static file analysis, and sandboxing.

Zero-hour protection that captures new forms of spam, viruses and malware utilizing both predictive technology and our custom rules and multiple detection engines.

DNS authentication – SPF, DKIM, and DMARC to protect against email spoofing attacks.

Protection against CEO impersonation or CEO fraud attacks.

Spam management dashboard for administrators to have a centralized view that allows them to view spam attack campaigns that have targeted your organization. Administrators can also blacklist or whitelist senders here.

Email queuing that stores emails when your mail server is unreachable and delivers when connection to your mail server is restored.

24*7 reliable technical support should you need assistance.

MailSafi Secure Email Gateway supports Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, Zimbra, MDaemon, Linux MTAs, and all other cloud-based, shared hosting and on-premise mail platforms.

The MailSafi email security team of experts is responsible for 24*7 continuous monitoring of email threats to identify new forms and ensure continuous and rapid updates are applied to our service – so that you can focus on your core business.

To sign up or learn more about MailSafi’s Secure Email Gateway, or if you would like to consider our cloud based email hosting service, contact us today!

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