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MailSafi Glossary of Terms

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MailSafi Glossary of Terms

Cloud storage

Also known as online storage is a model of storing electronic data in logical pools said to be on “the cloud”. In practice though, the data is simply stored in computer servers that that make the data available online to users via the web. With cloud storage, users can upload their data remotely and also retrieve remotely. They do not need to have physical access to the server where the data is stored. Effectively, this means that the data can be accessed from multiple devices as long as the devices are connected to the internet.

The concept of online collaboration is premised on cloud storage. It allows users to store their files – audio, video, text, presentations, and so on – on the cloud so that they can access it when working remotely from the office. It also allows sharing of this data with multiple other co-workers.

Please note that cloud storage is not cloud backup.