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Email Spam Protection to Secure Your Business Communication

Leave your email spam protection to the experts

Email spam protection in email management is a crucial part of any business today as the flow of spam shows no signs of abating. Effective email spam filters improve employee productivity by reducing the amount of time wasted in sifting through mailboxes to access genuine email.

MailSafi’s secure email gateway gives best-in-class email spam protection, including protection from blacklisting, email spoofing, email phishing, spam attack, virus and malware protection, and much protection against email spam.

But the best email spam protection requires even more stringent security. Over 90% of cyberattacks and security breaches today begin with phishing or spear-phishing attacks that arrive via email as spam. To protect your users in your organization from business disruption and costly security breaches, you need enterprise email solutions offering security against these advanced threats.

MailSafi’s Email Spam Protection

MailSafi provides hosted email, hosted email spam protection spam filtering and hosted email archiving services in a fully-integrated subscription service to businesses.

With MailSafi, you significantly reduce the risks of spam attacks and the complexity and cost of protecting and managing email. Rather than purchasing and deploying multiple point solutions from multiple email gateway providers, with MailSafi you manage your entire business email service with a single solution provider.

To provide email spam protection, MailSafi’s cloud-based spam filtering uses a multi-layer approach to detect, block and remediate spam attacks and other existing or new email threats before they reach your network.

MailSafi’s email spam protection provides:

Email anti-spam protection with 98.9% protection against spam attacks.

Message content filtering to junk mail.

Antivirus and antimalware with 99.9% protection against malware and viruses.

99.999% availability

0.0001% false positives.

End-user access to spam quarantine database to review and release any emails false positives. Administrators can also whitelist/blacklist senders and URLs.

Add any additional rules to blocked and permitted senders.

MailSafi Spam Protection

MailSafi’s Email Spam Protection for Advanced Threats

To combat advanced email threats like phishing, whaling, spear-phishing, business email compromise (BEC) attacks, MailSafi uses sophisticated methods for email spam protection including but not limited to the following:

And online spam filter that will scan all inbound and outbound emails to detect and block emails containing malicious attachments and links before they reach users’ mailboxes. This will shield your staff from potential of unknowingly or accidentally clicking on links or attachments that will download viruses and malware onto your network.

Sandboxing to protect against zero-day attacks.

Email filtering techniques that involve analysis of source header and email content/domain to prevent email spoofing and reduce risk of identity theft.

Support for email validation such as SPF, DKIM and DMARC to protect against spam attacks that use email spoofing and identity theft to defraud companies.

Inspection of character sets to detect similarities that would ordinarily not be visible to the human eye.

MailSafi’s anti-spam protection blocks all attempts to send unauthorized emails from your trusted domains. This will reduce the risk of blacklisting of your business on the internet, which could cause you to be unable to send emails.

Our anti-spam service helps in reporting on look-a-like domain registrations to prevent attacks where the cyber criminals target and exploit third parties like suppliers and well-known brands.

Sign up for MailSafi’s email spam protection service, or learn about MailSafi’s cloud hosted email service which comes with MailSafi’s full suite of email spam protection. Contact us today!

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MailSafi reliable spam protection

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