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The Top 200 Most Common Passwords in 2023 Revealed

Passwords are the keys to our digital lives and they protect our personal information and secure our online accounts. However, many people use weak and predictable passwords that are easy to guess or crack. Almost four decades since the advent of the internet, you’ll be surprised that people still choose convenience over security.

According to a study by NordPass, the most commonly used passwords include “123456”, “123456789”, “qwerty”, “password”, and “111111”. These passwords are not only easy to remember but also easy to hack, leaving your personal data vulnerable to cybercriminals.

Back in 2015, the list of the common and worst passwords included 123456 and password. Years later, these same passwords are still at the top of the list of the commonly used passwords. Such passwords do nothing to deter a hacker from taking control of your email account.

What Passwords Should You Avoid in 2023

From the list, it is clear that as a general rule, you should avoid using: –

1. Pure numbers only, especially numbers in sequence such as 123456 and 456789. Other recurrent numbers-only passwords that feature on this list are those that repeat the same number, such as 11111111 and 555555, as well as number patterns like 123123 and 101010.

2. Words found in the dictionary.

3. Common names of people. For instance, Michael and Ashley.

4. Variations of the word password like password1, password123. Even when used in combination with numbers, they are still just a terrible idea.

5. Pet names (terms of endearment) such as sunshine and princess.

6. Passwords generated from characters that are adjacent to each other on the keyboard such as qwerty. 1qaz2wsx seems like a complex password, but it is actually a cluster of keys on the left-hand side of the keyboard.

7. Also, avoid using swear words.

8. Another interesting thing to note from this list is that all passwords appearing on this list lack a special character.

Passwords with the characteristics described above are the most vulnerable. The majority would take less than a second to decipher using either dictionary attacks, brute-force attacks, or simple human guesswork.

How to Create a Strong Password

Email compromise is on the rise every day with hackers armed with new, advanced, and more sophisticated techniques to penetrate systems via email. As such, the importance of having a strong password as the first step cannot be overstated.

If you have any of the above passwords, we would definitely recommend changing them. However, if you do not necessarily want to discard your password altogether, consider ways to strengthen it by doing the following:

1. First, strengthen your password by adding a combination of upper and lower case letters.

2. Second, add special characters to your password.

3. Third, make your password longer – preferably over 10 characters. And no, even though it has 10 characters, 1234567890 doesn’t qualify. In addition to being long, your password should have a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols.

If your email account has already been hacked, read our guide on what to do if your email has been compromised. While vendors need to be reminded that allowing users to create easy and simple passwords on their platforms does nothing to protect the privacy and security of users, it is also up to us to take responsibility for our own accounts. See more tips on how to create stronger passwords.

Top 200 common passwordS used today

If your password is on this list, you need to change it!

Source: NordPass

No.PasswordNo. of usersNo. of times exposedTime to crack it
11234562,543,28523,597,311Less than a second
2123456789961,4357,870,694Less than a second
3picture1371,61211,1903 hours
4password360,4673,759,315Less than a second
512345678322,1872,944,615Less than a second
6111111230,5073,124,368Less than a second
7123123189,3272,238,694Less than a second
812345188,2682,389,787Less than a second
91234567890171,7242,264,884Less than a second
8,21310 seconds
111234567165,9092,516,606Less than a second
12qwerty156,7653,946,737Less than a second
13abc123151,8042,877,689Less than a second
14Million2143,664162,6093 hours
15000000122,9821,959,780Less than a second
161234112,2971,296,186Less than a second
17iloveyou106,3271,645,337Less than a second
18aaron43190,25630,5763 hours
19password187,5562,418,984Less than a second
20qqww112285,476122,48152 minutes
2112384,4381,042,952Less than a second
22omgpop77,4923342 minutes
2312332173,506928,060Less than a second
2465432169,148953,549Less than a second
25qwertyuiop64,6321,108,463Less than a second
26qwer12345658,0965,3394 seconds
27123456a57,472980,190Less than a second
28a12345655,548684,476Less than a second
2966666653,146889,482Less than a second
30asdfghjkl52,961547,528Less than a second
31ashley52,031440,4132 minutes
3298765432150,097599,177Less than a second
33unknown47,99528,93017 minutes
34zxcvbnm46,952592,416Less than a second
3511223346,450543,303Less than a second
36chatbooks45,88301 day
372010072844,9143,468Less than a second
3812312312342,781505,507Less than a second
39princess42,230489,024Less than a second
40jacket02541,90944,5948 hours
41evite41,72014,94110 seconds
42123abc40,431648,551Less than a second
43123qwe40,203726,928Less than a second
44sunshine39,456418,052Less than a second
4512121239,342741,345Less than a second
46dragon39,011984,209Less than a second
471q2w3e4r38,865658,945Less than a second
48520131438,307236,31126 seconds
4915975338,028442,018Less than a second
5012345678937,2807,870,694Less than a second
51pokemon37,197242,154Less than a second
52qwerty12335,827624,152Less than a second
53Bangbang12335,545402 days
54jobandtalent34,51253 years
55monkey34,124992,381Less than a second
561qaz2wsx33,819775,475Less than a second
57abcd123433,179358,842Less than a second
58default32,48615,1083 minutes
59aaaaaa31,939401,780Less than a second
60soccer31,805314,004Less than a second
6112365431,649369,852Less than a second
62ohmnamah2331,28833,52312 Days
631234567891031,097167,550Less than a second
64zing30,9794861 second
65shadow30,751348,409Less than a second
6610203030,664237,904Less than a second
671111111130,33630,336Less than a second
68asdfgh30,281373,547Less than a second
6914725836929,432242,324Less than a second
70qazwsx29,192510,424Less than a second
71qwe12328,926642,523Less than a second
72michael28,754434,7848 seconds
73football28,496434,784Less than a second
74baseball28,278326,058Less than a second
751q2w3e4r5t28,0921,199,289Less than a second
76party27,90721,99310 seconds
77daniel27,076376,0655 seconds
78asdasd26,837281,210Less than a second
7922222226,836584,874Less than a second
80myspace126,363737,7613 hours
81asd12326,310316,743Less than a second
8255555526,187558,726Less than a second
83a12345678926,051167,344Less than a second
8488888825,736347,798Less than a second
85777777725,634633,437Less than a second
86fuckyou25,618557,507Less than a second
871234qwer25,598419,377Less than a second
88superman25,557343,392Less than a second
8914725824,643207,272Less than a second
9099999924,534360,129Less than a second
9115935724,359244,867Less than a second
92love12323,758336,212Less than a second
93tigger23,706249,469Less than a second
94purple23,214231,133Less than a second
95samantha23,168218,728Less than a second
96charlie23,157315,953Less than a second
97babygirl23,139244,615Less than a second
988888888822,984304,420Less than a second
99jordan2322,711333,759Less than a second
10078945612322,592389,398Less than a second
101jordan22,449305,014Less than a second
102anhyeuem22,26547,486Less than a second
103killer22,242322,975Less than a second
104basketball22,060224,73710 seconds
105michelle22,012285,5423 hours
1061q2w3e21,906513,929Less than a second
107lol12321,881188,087Less than a second
108qwerty121,610586,071Less than a second
10978945621,589293,902Less than a second
110665532121,57523,7059 seconds
111nicole21,483284,5192 minutes
112naruto21,458250,894Less than a second
113master21,445318,868Less than a second
114chocolate21,409216,8983 seconds
115maggie21,366214,719Less than a second
116computer21,330487,519Less than a second
117hannah21,277224,785Less than a second
118jessica21,166330,1857 seconds
119123456789a21,110320,341Less than a second
120password12320,835123,063Less than a second
121hunter20,815249,360Less than a second
12268658420,6643443 Seconds
123iloveyou120,332399,5921 Second
12498765432120,157599,177Less than a second
125justin20,151262,1852 Minutes
126cookie20,065193,597Less than a second
127hello19,998255,676Less than a second
128blink18219,956295,502Less than a second
129andrew19,905268,4152 Minutes
1302525132519,74425,5247 Minutes
131love19,723349,712Less than a second
13298765419,544274,671Less than a second
133bailey19,350168,1172 Minutes
134princess119,344365,6181 Second
13512345619,19023,597,311Less than a second
13610101019,133241,446Less than a second
1371234123419,109202,305Less than a second
138a80101619,04025,15633 Seconds
139111119,008253,728Less than a second
140111111118,905254,685Less than a second
141anthony18,812264,51717 Minutes
142yugioh18,79240,0302 Minutes
143fuckyou118,739390,506Less than a second
144amanda18,705218,5182 Minutes
145asdf123418,698215,813Less than a second
146trustno118,651228,101Less than a second
147butterfly18,273207,325Less than a second
148x4ivygA51F18,26741,86012 Days
149iloveu18,188222,280Less than a second
150batman18,161208,555Less than a second
151starwars18,159180,216Less than a second
152summer18,026216,978Less than a second
153michael118,026300,551Less than a second
1540000000017,978198,003Less than a second
155lovely17,964271,829Less than a second
156jakcgt33317,93518,6493 Hours
157buster17,929227,120Less than a second
158jennifer17,846251,7502 Hours
159babygirl117,805290,5162 Seconds
160family17,706196,6052 Minutes
16145678917,626162,868Less than a second
162azerty17,541315,309Less than a second
163andrea17,485225,6462 Minutes
164q1w2e3r417,433289,649Less than a second
165qwer123417,400291,618Less than a second
166hello12317,363188,975Less than a second
1671020317,28618,344Less than a second
168matthew17,053227,35717 Minutes
169pepper17,031198,043Less than a second
17012345a16,983452,079Less than a second
171letmein16,951214,700Less than a second
172joshua16,939264,8292 Minutes
17313131316,919275,113Less than a second
174123456b16,8141 Second98,329
175madison16,770146,287Less than a second
176Sample12316,76253,2513 Hours
17777777716,679370,253Less than a second
178football116,662338,437Less than a second
179jesus116,619296,697Less than a second
180taylor16,616180,2097 Seconds
181b12345616,56480,4471 Second
182whatever16,506196,208Less than a second
183welcome16,445247,442Less than a second
184ginger16,372185,999Less than a second
185flower16,342215,178Less than a second
18633333316,335284,278Less than a second
187111111111116,334225,649Less than a second
188robert16,302238,806Less than a second
189samsung16,218316,318Less than a second
190a1234516,217322,387Less than a second
191loveme16,134234,552Less than a second
192gabriel16,029151,9735 Seconds
193alexander16,001200,4582 Seconds
194cheese15,994169,915Less than a second
195passw0rd15,972223,605Less than a second
19614253615,895129,564Less than a second
197peanut15,832163,861Less than a second
1981122334415,830153,229Less than a second
199thomas15,817290,2048 seconds
200angel115,786258,800Less than a second
Source: Worst Passwords of 2020 NordPass

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