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Email Hybrid of MailSafi Basic and MailSafi Enterprise

Email and Collaboration Hybrid of MailSafi Business + MailSafi Enterprise

1. Understanding Hybrids

We live in an era of hybrid everywhere – hybrid cars, hybrid plants, hybrid apps, and now hybrid email solutions.

In this article, we will discuss how you can get significant cost savings from an email and collaboration hybrid of MailSafi Business and MailSafi Enterprise. But before we do, let us first understand what hybrids and email/collaboration hybrids are. Or, you can skip right to the cost savings you stand to get.

The term hybrid refers to mixing two or more and choosing the best of them. Read more about email hybrids here.

2. So Why Have an Email & Collaboration Hybrid?

Businesses already using various premium cloud solutions are realizing that only power users are utilizing the full potential of these solutions while general users are only using the basic features.

While businesses may be enticed by premium email services, it might not make business sense to invest in premium features for all users. This rationale is what has led to the evolvement of email hybrids. To reduce the total cost of ownership without depriving power users of their productivity, you can opt for a hybrid email and collaboration solution for your business.

When it comes to email and collaboration, it is not necessarily that the power user will be an MD, CEO, CTO, or even at the management level. Rather, the power user may be a marketing assistant or a financial analyst who needs to analyze a lot of data/collaborate with other colleagues in realtime. The key is in doing a needs-based analysis of your users to identify who are power users and who are basic users.

Power users may need messaging platforms not just with email but with advanced collaboration features:

  1. Access to email anytime, anywhere
  2. Video/audio/chat calls for virtual meetings
  3. Online storage drive to create and share spreadsheets and presentations
  4. File sharing and synchronization features
  5. Advanced threat protection (spam, virus, malware filtering)

MailSafi Enterprise can rightly address the above requirements of power users.

3. MailSafi Email & Collaboration

At MailSafi, we appreciate that there are diverse business functions within any business, and therefore, a one-size-fits-all solution does not offer the right value. We believe that by grouping users by their different business functions and allocating them on different plans, the organization can realize significant cost savings and derive full value from our email and collaboration solutions.

There are three MailSafi plans for email and collaboration.  These are MailSafi Basic, MailSafi Business, and MailSafi Enterprise.

For the remainder of this article, we will discuss a hybrid of MailSafi Business and MailSafi Enterprise for ease of understanding. However, it is possible to also have MailSafi Basic in your hybrid depending on your user needs.

A hybrid of MailSafi Business & MailSafi Enterprise will ensure you only invest in features that are required by each user to carry out their day-to-day tasks.

4. Hybrid of MailSafi Business + MailSafi Enterprise

With this hybrid, power users can be hosted on MailSafi Enterprise while other users can be on MailSafi Business.

Before we proceed, let us first get a better understanding of MailSafi Business and MailSafi Enterprise. Here is an overview of the two individual cloud services.

4.1 What is MailSafi Business?

MailSafi Business is designed to enhance communication for businesses by ensuring access to email on all devices, anywhere, anytime. For instance, via desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or other smart mobile device.

In addition, with MailSafi Business, users get access to a calendar to enable them to schedule appointments or meetings. Users can also synchronize, schedule, and share meetings and appointments with others in the organization. It comes with an address book to allow storage and sharing of contacts within the organization.

MailSafi Business also comes with superior threat protection against viruses, malware, and other forms of spam.  This minimizes the risk that your organization will be blacklisted on the internet. And each user gets 30 GB of storage space. 

In short, MailSafi Business enables you to work on a secure email hosting environment with increased reliability and uptime. 

4.2 What is MailSafi Enterprise?

This is MailSafi’s one-stop solution to boost communication and productivity in an organization. It is an email and collaboration solution. MailSafi Enterprise is recommended for power users in the organization – that is, employees who need email as well as collaboration features.

MailSafi Enterprise has all the MailSafi Business features PLUS:

  • Collaboration features including video/audio/chat for virtual meetings, file sharing, and synchronization space for storing files and documents on the cloud. Storing documents and files on the cloud means you can access them from different devices and locations. If you like, you may share them with other users.
  • PGP Encryption, which allows you to encrypt emails and digitally sign them.
  • White labeling, which would allow you to rebrand our email software platform with your business’s name, logo, and color scheme.

More detailed features of MailSafi Enterprise can be found here.

4.3 Value Proposition of a Hybrid of MailSafi Business + MailSafi Enterprise

The advantages of a hybrid of MailSafi Business + MailSafi Enterprise are:

  1. Best return on investment: There is a clear justification of costs by aligning investment to user needs. You only pay for features that your users need – no more!
  2. Seamless integration: You will be sharing the same domain name. This means the segmentation between the two groups remains transparent.
  3. Seamless mail flow between the two groups of users.
  4. Very easy to scale. If you need to move one or more users from the Basic to the Enterprise solution or vice versa because their job descriptions or roles have changed, we are happy to help you work that out.

A hybrid of MailSafi Business + MailSafi Enterprise offers a reasonable total cost of ownership – and of all hybrids, this is the most cost-effective. Using a hybrid of MailSafi Business + MailSafi Enterprise, you will optimize for cost without compromising on security and reliability.

4.4 Cost Comparison

The following table will offer a clear understanding of the cost-benefit a hybrid of MailSafi Business + MailSafi Enterprise will bring to your organization. Please note that it is still possible to have a hybrid with MailSafi Basic as well.


To better understand the cost-saving,  let’s take an example of, a local business with 400 users. They have had all of their users on MailSafi Enterprise. However, owing to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on their business, they have been desperate to cut costs.

Table 1 below shows how much they have been spending.

Table 2 shows what they saved after considering their specific users’ needs (power and general users) and moving to a hybrid of MailSafi Business + MailSafi Enterprise. hosted purely on MailSafi Enterprise

PlanNo of usersPrice per monthAnnual cost
MailSafi Enterprise400$3$14,400
Total cost of ownership$14,400
Table 1 hosted on a hybrid of MailSafi Business + MailSafi Enterprise

PlanNo of usersPrice per monthAnnual cost
MailSafi Enterprise50$3$1,800
MailSafi Business350$2$8,400
Total cost of ownership$10,200
Table 2

By moving to a hybrid of MailSafi Business + MailSafi Enterprise, saved $4,200 (35%) per year! These monies can now be channeled to other core business areas.

Would you like to SAVE BIG like Contact us today for more information or to get a quote on how much you stand to save with a hybrid solution.

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